Shows Cancelled... :(

Hello everyone we are going to try for Fridays show still (possibly). Gareth actually wasn’t feeling well yesterday (headaches and dizziness) and went to get some pressure point work done to relieve some stress and ended up having a blackout caused by a low heart rate. He ended up falling on his face and breaking his nose and we just want to make sure everything is okay. He is doing better today, but still in really rough shape.  Noseflute will have to wait for a while, unless we can find a doctor that can make a nose cast in the perfect double recorder shape.:)We will keep everyone updated on how he is doing and we both wanted to thank you all for you thoughts and prayers… The new lyrics for our song will be “If my nose was runnin money… I’d give it all to Gareth for his Emergency Room bill… and drum… sticks… TOOOOOOOOOO” Maybe not as catchy as the original but you get the idea. Thank you all soooo much for your support!!!  –Matt (BNB)